About Love Script

Who is Love Script?

Love Script is a boutique introductions services firm that specializes in partner hunting services and unrivalled date journeys for those who are serious about love. We play personal matchmaker to the city's most eligible and commitment-minded singles.

We provide a bespoke service that is safe, highly preserves your privacy, convenient and non-intimidating for discerning, accomplished but time-poor professionals and business people who are emotionally ready to meet that like-minded, elusive love of a lifetime!

Our clients are eligible, well educated, well groomed, open-minded, single and successful career professionals and business people who are seriously looking for that elusive “love of a lifetime!”

What we do?

Discreet “Partner Hunting” … At Love Script, there are no computer printouts of “algorithmically” compatible matches. We take pride in partner hunting for you and want you to live the dream of having a good relationship with your chosen partner.

We Love Scout© for you and go through a rigorous screening process to find matches for you! Once we recommend a match, we believe it has a real chance of working out. We encourage you to go on that 1st date and be open-minded about going on further dates. We want you to start to understand the person you’re dating and explore why you both could be very good together…

At Love Script, you get:

  • Hands on, individual 1-on-1 attention with a personal matchmaker; no plugged or computer matches! 
  • A personalized and customized date journey based on your date and relationship needs and goals
  • Dedicated Love Scout© doing proactive client searches internally and externally
  • Handpicked and prescreened interesting, eligible, discerning commitment-minded individuals who are looking for a life partner. No more worries about meeting dodgy characters online or at nightclubs!
  • Comprehensive date profiles with Love Script Date Match Profile Sheets©
  • Date & relationship coaching, plus value-added feedback each step along the way
  • Date themeing and facilitation to maximize your date success!
  • No limit on dates with absolute focus on Quality Matches vs. Quantity of Dates
  • Constant proactive efforts to attract high quality singles
  • Strong Customer Satisfaction Focus
  • Unparalleled Confidentiality & Privacy
  • Unrivalled Date Journeys
  • No judgments, no lectures on being picky!

About the Founder…

Love Script is founded and led by Karen Khng, a marketing professional with more than 18 years of global, regional and national experience in the Hi-Tech, Media & Entertainment and Consulting sectors. She brings a pragmatic but intuitive approach to match making.

Karen shares why relationship readiness and skills are so vital to a lasting union.

“Marriage is a journey, not a destination,” she shares. “It takes more than love and a ring on your finger to make a relationship work and last.”

“Relationship readiness is a foundational requirement, she continues. “But after that, you need the right attitude and a healthy set of behaviors to keep the relationship balance in check. Better yet, arm yourself with the right skills and you’ll be in a much better position to manage your relationship and recalibrate it each time it steers off course. What most people don’t realize is that you may have already met your life partner or soul mate but lost them through poor relationship skills or by simply not being ready enough!”