Why Love Script?


Marriage is a journey, not a destination…
Possibly, the single, toughest decision in a person’s life is to focus your energies to search for a well-matched life partner. Indeed, if you don’t change your approach or attitude to dating and relationships, you may never find that “right one!”   At Love Script, we strongly believe marriage is a journey, not a destination! A wise person once said, “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got…”

Playing Cupid…


We play personal matchmaker to the city's most eligible and commitment-minded singles. Specializing in partner hunting and unrivalled date journeys, we evolutionize the “M” in matchmaking! Our clients are charismatic, discerning, attractive but time-poor men and women who are looking for like-minded life partners. We aim to build trust and a relationship with you and become your new best friend!

Unrivalled Date Journeys…


All date journeys are individually personalized and created based on your interests and attitudes. They are a reflection of your preferences and needs. There are no generic menus of date services.

Love Speak©... 

Our Love Speak© Date & Relationship Readiness methodology allows us to uniquely blend intuitive and scientific approaches to finding realistic and lasting matches for you. Based on your profile, personality, date and relationship goals and readiness, we set out to Love Scout© suitable matches for you.

We recognize how difficult it is to meet and gel with people so we’ve worked hard to re-invent the way people date and search for their elusive “love of a lifetime!”

Our methodology helps clients assess how ready they are to date seriously and roadmaps the skills and tools that are necessary for them to recalibrate their relationship each time if it veers off center. Understanding where you are on the Love Script Relationship Readiness Scale© gives you further clarity and contributes to your relationship’s success.

Meeting my date?


Unless you wish to be creative and plan your own date, we are pleased to handle your date every step of the way. If you are creatively stuck on what to do, just email us and we will help to suggest interesting, fun but interactive activities that allows maximum discovery of each other! We have lots of creative ideas on what to do on which type of date, what to eat on different dates, how to get your adrenaline pumping without losing your grip on your hormones, etc…

What happens next?


At the end of the date, politely say good bye and practice date safety (don’t worry, First Date Safety tips will be provided with your first Date Match Sheet!). For safety reasons, we urge you not to exchange business cards or phone numbers and make plans to go out again until you first inform us of your decision.

We also send you a Date Feedback Sheet©, which you will have to complete and email back to us within 48 hours. We need to get feedback on how the date went, get a sense of what you liked and what could be improved. We use the information captured to fine tune your preferences for the next partner search and ensuing dates.

If the both of you decide you would like to exchange personal details, just drop us an email after your date and give us the green light. We will email both of you the relevant email and mobile contact details. You can contact each other freely from there on and explore compatibility on various levels through different exciting dates. Just keep us posted if sparks are still flying or if you would like to embark on your next search!